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The place where discipline collaborate with academic excellence. We got an excellent team of faculty, whose overwhelming support and dedication had helped us face number of entrance exams with boosted confidence...
And no stone was left unturned in the matter of availablity of academic resources to each and every student.

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Prajwal Bangar
Alumni - Batch 2018
Engineering student of BVB Hubli

Without a solid foundation you'll have trouble creating anything of value" they say.
Mahesh PU college has given me the right direction towards life, it was one of the best time of my life, where learning was a fun process, the faculty was always ready to help us with any kind of problems anytime.
In our College, we used technology in the right way, to learn better through having abundant amount lectures saved in our tabs that was provided by our college, which helped us throughout the journey of pu.course I came across the best lecturers and friends in this college, indeed the college makes the best of you in the end.
Thank you

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Anusha Hiremath
Alumni - 2018 Batch
Student of KSLU Navanagar Hubli

I completed my PUC at ICS Mahesh PU College, Dharwad. It was a great experience studying there. They provided lots of study material and of course, the Tab filled with course content which helped a lot in my studies. Usually, I stayed after college hours and cleared my doubts when it comes to competitive exam contents. Then they also took daily and weekly tests which helped manage time for writing CET exam. Sometimes it would be hard managing it all but as it's said “success comes when we come out of our comfort zone”. I can say it was our combined effort which made me ace in both, board and CET exams and I was happy with my results. Overall it was a memorable journey and I thank all teachers for their support. I hope the college will continue to provide quality upgraded education for upcoming aspired students.

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Rajat M R
Alumni - 2048 Batch
Engineering student of BVB Hubli

There is no doubt that ICS Mahesh PU College has a great role to play in educating students. The rigorous effort and dedication of all the staff members has helped the students excel in academics and also in co-curricular activities. Students are guided to overcome failure and oversee success.
The man behind the army is The Principal Sri Umesh Purohit Sir. His motivating words are more than enough for a student's personality development. Individual student counseling and care taken by the staff is worth appreciating. My daughter Ankita Solagi who has studied at such a college has made wonderful improvement, not just academically but also in co-curricular activities. Heartfelt wishes to the management, teaching and non-teaching staff of ICS Mahesh PU College.

Mallikarjuna Solagi

This college wonders me seeing the decorum of students despite of crowd. Studious students with discipline are prima factor of it.

Nirbhayananda Swamiji
Shri Ramkrsihna Vivekanada Asharam Gadag - Vijayapura

It is a school with par excellence and multifold potential to uplift the lives of students.

M. I. Savadatti
Retd. Vice Chancellor
Mangalore University

I am seeing this institution since its inception and it's majestic to look how it has nurtured thousands of students in its course of time. This college has made a significant mark in entire north Karnataka region with its quality of education and commitment.

Basavaraj Horatti
Ex-Education Minister
Karnataka Government

The overall growth of student is always kept on first hand and efforts of staff is really commendable.

Arjun Devayya
International level athlete