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Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms make for a pleasant learning experience, The audio-visual facility in every classroom enriches learning experience. The size of the class room and the seating arrangement makes it easy for teachers to give individual attention to every student in the class. Each class room is Air-conditioned.

Computer Lab

The college has state-of-art IT infrastructure with a next generation computer lab. Computers in the lab, audio- visual rooms and the staff rooms are networked. The curriculum is designed in a way that keeps the students abreast with frontier technology.

Physics Lab

Physics Laboratory is an open laboratory to cater to inter-disciplinary experimentation. The lab is equipped with instruments that allow structural experimentation by students. It allows to gain hands –on experience with instruments and apparatus that affords them unfettered opportunity to experiment. It is indeed a wonderful resource unit of the school.

Chemistry Lab

The college has a spacious and a well-equipped Chemistry Laboratory. The laboratory has a wide range of chemicals and apparatus that help in enriching the learning of the students. Students get hands-on experience while performing experiments. Under the guidance of teachers, students not only learn concepts related to the subject but they also develop observation, analytical and logical skills. Students are provided opportunities to undertake projects outside their curriculum.

Biology Lab

At ICSMPU we believe that learning is by doing.. A spacious laboratory for our college has different preserved specimens, a wide range of permanent slides, light microscopes, models of the brain, sense organs, and human skeleton. In addition, we have excellent facilities to get hands-on experience in performing different experiments such as temporary mount/slide preparations, chemical analysis of food samples, testing water samples for microbes, observing pollen germination, paper chromatography, study of osmosis etc.
The Biology laboratory with its wide range of equipment, specimens and models serves as an excellent platform for learning and experimentation.
Ample seating arrangement, huge collection of text-books and reference books, periodicals, biographies, magazines, newspapers and internet facility to explore into the today's world. Library provides books on competitive exams like JEE/NEET/KCET/NATA/KVPY/CDS and Civil Services on borrowing system.
Arrangements of the books according to the catalogue make it easy to retrieve. Monitoring the library area is done both in person and through CCTV in order to maintain discipline and sanctity of the place.
Our hostels transformed into home with love, affection, trust and oneness. It's a place indeed to inculcate values and discipline much needed in every walk of life. Our hostels are free from all odds like usage of mobile phones, social medias and any other such procrastinating practices or distractions.We conductregular mentoring, yoga and motivational sessions to all hostel occupants. Healthy food with special concern with seasonal needs is our priority. Hygienic and regularly sanitised premises create a pleasing arena for learning minds. Surveillance of CCTV ensures safety and security of students along with in-person security personnel.
For the security and added comfort we provide buses for transport of our students. The routes and pickup points are clearly laid out and you are instructed to follow the timings set for the pickup. The Institution takes utmost care and concern in commuting the students from various parts the city to save their valuable time and to keep them free from hassle of driving or using public transport system.
A strong mind dwells in a strong body”, goes a proverb.ICS MAHESH PU COLLEGE believes future sportsmen are shaped during their early college days. As a result we are able to bring best sportsmanship within the students and taking them to various National and state level competitions. The success of the students such as representing in Junior Asian Games competition, National Ball badminton competition and many more added golden feathers to the crown of College’s “Sports Department”.
The college provides training and materials required for both indoor and outdoor games thereby opening the opportunities of particular interest.
Learning science is practical oriented, based on strong theoretical foundation.ICS MAHESH PU college has chalked an academic plan which focuses on providing coaching on theory with applied techniques to help students for the competitive examinations like JEE / NEET / KCET / NATA / NDA / KVPY / AIMS.|
Coaching will be done on the competence level of each student, based on his / her interest and performances. Our tool of “Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation” provides an insight and potential of the student in reaching the desired position. Through this method we are successful in getting many students clearing the all India level examinations and being placed in reputed Courses like NDA, NITK, NEET etc.
During the pandemic in order to keep learning perpetual, we are using online learning apps.The evaluation of students regarding performances is also done by the means of descriptive and objective type of exam patterns( by using advanced technology ).